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"I Don't Like Suicide/I hate having a Heart"

I was on facebook today, as usual, and I was in a group chat. A friend said he was not feeling too good because he felt he aparoid idea was stupid. He said he named an account of his aparoid because he was playing Assault and had no interest in them. He said he wants his life to be forgotten, for us to forget about him, and how he doesn't want to bring us down with his pessimism. He told us he was ending the story and said his farewell. I am worried and concerned for him. I care about him and it sounds as if he might try to kill himself. My last suspicion was correct, and it hurt me to find out, but now I have another friend who might kill himself because he felt like he was living a lie. I hope he's going to be okay. I did try to find someone to go to his house, but they all were unable to because of how late it is and the distance. There are two other people, but I am unable to ask them because I am afraid that one of them would feel crappier than he already does, and the other has reasons that make me not want to ask him for help.

One of the people I asked told me that if he called the police, it would have been one big mess and that the cops would have hung up on him. I wish I could do something to make sure he's alright. I really do care about him, but I don't live in the uk and unable see if he's alright myself. I think I see a pattern. If I am correct, then this will be another reason to hate May.

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It seems I'm full of drama these days, though I don't mean to be. Also, soap opera!


#Facile- Adjective

1A. Easily accomplished or attained.
B. Used or comprehended with ease.
C. Readily manifested and often lacking sincerity  or depth
2. Archaic: mild or pleasing in manner or disposition
3A. Fluent, Ready
B. Poised, Assured

Ex: It seems keeping the earth under the daleks' control would be facile if the doctor is not involved.

The boss felt facile to put his idea to work that would please his employees and end the strike.

Boris is incapable of producing facile tears.

The facile music calmed down the angry workers as they listened to it, and soon, they were pleased.

Foolish or Stupid

Ex: The fatuous boy ignored the "No running by the pool" sign.
#callithump- (N)

A noisy or boisterous band or parade.

Boris loves harmonic music and sounds; however, he also enjoys watching a callithump or two for their high spirits and energy, despite there being no harmony or rhythm.

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Plato or Platonism

2 A. Relating to or based on platonic Love
B. Of, Relating to, or being a relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex.

3. Nominal, Theoretical


Boris has a platonic love for his cat.

The young boy wonders if animals were capable of having platonic philosophies.

1. A.To swing back and forth like a pendulum.
B. To Move or travel back and forth from two points.
2. To Vary between opposing beliefs, feeling, or theories.
3. To vary above and below a mean value.

Ex: Bogm0nst3r had oscillated between wanting to be friends with John Doe and wanting to have nothing to do with John Doe.

Boris knew that he had to stop the workers from being able to oscillate from the two towns in order to stop the towns from thriving.

1. Having a neat appearance.
2. Dressed in attractive clothes
3. Attractive and of high quality (of clothing)
4. Alert and lively in movement and manners


Colors looked dapper after having been bathed and groomed.

A person who helps an enemy who has invaded his or her country.



Benedict Arnold is infamous for being a quisling during the American Revolution.

Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.


You may experience serendipity when travelling on a different path you have not yet walked across.

It was by serendipity that the two friends met while adventuring, as they each had their own talents that helped them overthrow the witch.
#Auspicious- (adj.)
1. Showing or suggesting that future success is very likely.
2. Attended by good fortune.

The boy had failed the test, but his auspicious grades said he would pass the class.

The auspicious man greeted his friends to his new home with lots of gold.
To make something more noticeable.
Accent; emphasize: Intensify

Boris decided to accentuate the blue water by making it a lighter shade of blue.


1. Hard to handle or manage because of size or weight
2. Complicated and hard to do
3. Long and difficult to read, say, etc.
4. Dial: Burdensome, troublesome
5. Slow-moving: Ponderous


The snowball became cumbersome when we made it grow bigger than us.
The cumbersome monster became lethargic because of his weight.
The monster situation became cumbersome towards the overworlders.

To fill someone with delight.
To fill with delight

I will enrapture them with my victory over their oppressors.

How will you enrapture them with song if your voice is gone?
#Arduous- (adj.)
Very difficult.

1.Hard to accomplish or achieve.

Ex: Playing Kid Icarus: Uprising with a broken analog stick is arduous because it won't let you dash sometimes.

Battling the worm monster was arduous because it had tough skin and was nimble.

equal to something in value, meaning, or effect.
equivalent in value, significance, or effect.

Blue's house is not tantamount to a royal palace.
100 pennies is tantamount to 1 dollar.
#Detriment- (N)
1. Injury, damage
2. A cause of injury or damage

Stabbing someone is blatantly on way to give them a detriment.

His detriment was caused by him stubbing his toe against a couch.
#Quiescent- (adj.)
Not active
Medical term; not now developing or causing symptoms.

1. Marked by inactivity or repose: Tranquilly at rest.
2. Causing no trouble or symptoms.

There are animals that are quiescent during the winter because of hibernation.

We found out Bob had quiescent kidney stones when he had to get an x-ray after hurting his back when he slipped on a banana peel.
#Clamant- (adj.)

1. Clamorous, blatant
2. Demanding attention: urgent

The clamant haters gave a cheer as the Doctor Who movie finished playing.

When it is dazed, giving your pokemon bitter berry or miracle berry is your one of your most clamant needs in a pokemon battle.
#Perpetuate- (v)
1. To cause (something that should be stopped, such as a mistaken idea or a bad situation) to continue
2. To make perpetual or cause to last indefinitely 

Boris had to perpetuate the belief that he was a god in order to keep anyone from killing him.

How come the Medusa perpetuate the species of the underworld?
#Congeal- (v)
"of a liquid : to become thick or solid"

1.To change from a fluid state to a solid state.
2. To make viscid or curdled.
3. To make rigid, fixed, or immobile.

EX: The pond's surface began to congeal after a few days of intense coldness.

We had to shower to clean off the stickiness after something was added to congeal the bath water we were playing around in.

I can not think of a way to think of a sentence to reflect liquid becoming rigid, fixed, or immobile correctly using the word "congeal."

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