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Would you like to see your character doing the Macarena? 

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Found Character stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 22, 2015, 11:16 PM

Found some questions that supposed to help character development.

Answers for Boris

1. What does your character's name mean to him?
His name to him means something or someone is bad, evil, great, or all three. Anyone who does not meet any of his standards are those whom he sees as unworthy of having the name of Boris.

2. It's January second. Where is your character today and what is he doing?
He is most likely causing destruction of a city, playing pranks on people, or playing with his beloved cat whom he loves very much.

3. If your character could change one physical detail about himself, what would it be?

He would like to be able to change the color of his eyes because no matter what he turns into, his light green eyes are always the same, unless he turned into a dalek, then in that case, no one would know it was him unless they open the armor casing.

4. Describe your character's hairstyle in detail. Why did he choose it? How much does he care about it?
His hair is a shade of blue, either light blue or turquoise, and the front of his hair is brushed up and a bit spiky. The back of his hair is also brushed up, and it may shine in the light. He somewhat cares about it though he can just make his hair grow back if something happens to it. He will keep his hair style when he transforms into something else from time to time.

5. What is your character's favorite physical activity?

Boris really enjoys roller skating and even roller blading. He can be seen riding on a bike as well, even if he is defying the laws of physics, such as gravity. He even enjoys dances as well, and he'll even have his minions dance or go out of his way to watch dancers perform. With that being said, I think dancing is his favorite physical activity.

6. When was the last time your character climbed a tree? Why and under what circumstances? If he has
never climbed one, why not?

The last time Boris "climbed" a tree was when he was spying on people to choose his next victim, though he has other ways of finding prey. He was bored of making mass destruction and wanted to mess with someone one on whatever number he chose to mess with his target, though he doesn't necessarily kill every one of his targets. Sometimes he just pull pranks on people. The circumstance was that he wanted to be out of his golden castle that he lives in.

7. Your character comes face-to-face with her worst enemy. What is his first reaction?

It depends on what kind of mood he was in and what the circumstances were. If he were to run into them intentionally, he would be condescending. At other times, he may see them as a threat and be hostile, or act friendly while being snarky or nonchalantly. 

8. What is your character's least favorite physical activity?

While Boris likes skating and rollerblading, Boris does not like to run. Sure, he could cheat and use magic to run super fast, but he doesn't. Running does not give him the same satisfaction as rollerblading or skating.

9. What is your character's favorite weather?

Boris' favorite weather would be sunny, because a sunny day signifies hope, and he loves crushing hope of others, though he sometimes "tans" on a sunny day.

10. What is your character's favorite season?

Boris favorite season would be summer because it is easier to start wild fires.

11. Your character keeps a photo album of memories from his lifetime. If he could only keep one photo,
what would it depict?

If Boris could keep one photo from a photo album of his life, it would depict him being affectionate with his cat because he loves his cat more than anything, even more than himself.

12. Does your character keep any pets?

Boris has a cat he loves very much. He does not accept anyone hurting her, not even on accident. They do and they will suffer his wrath more than anyone he has ever tortured.

13. A very large centipede runs across your character's leg. What does he do?

Boris would pick up the centipede and think of what to do with it, and then act accordingly to what he has decided the fate of the poor creature.

14. What does your character eat for breakfast?

Boris has eaten a lot of things for breakfast, and that includes pegasus and angel wings; however, Boris does not always eats breakfast, though, he sometimes eat fruits and vegetables.

15. What is your character's least favorite weather?

He does not have a least favorite weather.

16. What is your character's fondest childhood memory?

Boris has Never had a childhood. He had appeared one night from a very distant past since before the dawn of time, known to very few as the Reverse Era.

• If your character were in the habit of keeping a journal, what good memories could he go back
and re-visit through that journal? Would he do so often?

He He does have a few hundred journals all over the place that he had written, though he does not have to use a journal to revisit the time period of his memories to go there, though he is unable to travel back to the Reverse Era since it is time locked, and no, Boris would not unless he was with his cat.

17. What is your character's favorite piece of artwork?

Boris' favorite piece of artwork are ones that depict him, his cat, or depicting both of them together.

• Describe any pieces of artwork found in your character's home or office.

There are various Van Gogh styled paintings about his castle of him in his castle. He also has a few busts of himself and his cat, though in his master bedroom, the sole painting is of his beloved cat. 

18. What is your character's least favorite season?

Boris' does not have a least favorite season.

19. Someone asks your character to describe his family. How does he answer?

He would answer that his family was made up of deities that were capable of performing feats like him and more, but that there was a war and he ended up killing them because he didn't care much about them just to give off the feeling he cares about no one.

20. Is your character a morning person, a night owl, or something else entirely?

Boris would most likely be a morning person.

21. What is your character's least favorite color?

Boris' least favorite color is the color of bronze. He hates it.

22. What does the color orange make your character think of? How does it make her feel?

The color orange makes my character think of his cat that he loves above everything, and it makes me feel warm and happy inside.

23. Your character walks into his home and sees blood on the floor. What is his first reaction or thought?

Boris would look at the floor and examine the blood and wondered where it came from or how it got there. He may have be evil and sadistic, but he doesn't cause pain or destruction all the time; however, if he already knew about it, he would say "Oh, it's still here. Good." He wouldn't be afraid though, because he has no predator, though he knows there are those who are evenly matched to him. He'll then clean up the blood and use it in some way.

• Why is there blood on the floor? Whose is it?
• What happens next?

If Boris already knew about the blood on the floor, then the blood was on the floor because Boris had led his victim to his castle and screwed them over for a bit before torturing them to death. The blood was from one of his helpless victims he enjoyed messing with. As for what happens next, Boris would use the blood in someway to help him conquer the universe or clean it up.

24. Describe the outside of your character's home.

Outside of Boris' castle, there is a silver wall surrounding the perimeter of the castle that has a silver gate in the front. The yard between the wall and the actual castle is wide, and there is green grass with a stone brick trail leading up to the castle's main entrance down the middle. Outside the wall, there are dead trees which do not grow leaves and seem to have been burned as they have burn marks on them. There is no grass or bushes, and the dirt seems to be scorched. The land is vast, and it floats in another dimension, so if one were to follow the trail, it would lead them to a suspicious spot, though whoever is on the island that is not Boris is stranded on the land. The land is capable of flying and the lower you get on the bottom, the more steep it gets until you get to the pointy end at the bottom that looks like a pyramid if one were upside down. The land is made entirely of dirt, though there are a few pebbles on it.

25. Describe a typical birthday for your character.

A typical birthday for Boris would be one where there is cake and ice cream. Music is played, and Boris' minions and monsters dance as sing songs. There is no ritual or sacrifices to Boris on this day, and usually, no one gets hurt or dies. 

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