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This small tutorial may have spoilers, so do not continue reading the journal if you do no not want any spoilers. Also, if you want to find out how to make one yourself, then that's fine. Do not continue reading any further if you do. Also, please be aware that this only works in #NewLeaf of #AnimalCrossing

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United States
It seems I'm full of drama these days, though I don't mean to be. Also, soap opera!


I was told about a world shop... a shop that sells different goods from around the world. I was told of one that was really close to me, so I called them up and inquired about Jelly Babies. They do not sell them, and neither does the candy shop they mentioned.

#JellyBabies #Candy #UK #Sweets
I got back into Animal Crossing: New Leaf again. I ran out of ideas on making a "How To".

#animalcrossing #NewLeaf
I feel like hosting an Animal Crossing party, where the theme would be after the game, and everyone would get together to show off their fan made products and play the game.
I wish we could send letters to the non residents in #animalcrossing #NewLeaf I want to send Phyllis flowers and furniture.
My dream address is 4200-4833-7815
Status is boring, and would like for more people to dream about my town.

#Animalcrossing #NewLeaf #nintendo #3DS 
I have a journal in real life. I should start writing in it.
I just realized I was wrong. We are no longer in May, but in June.…  Is the link a scam? I hope not. It's supposedly yo a contest to get a free pikachu pikacharzard plushie, but more like a raffle.

Face, facial expression

Example: The look on the man's countenance had a mean demeanor.
#Motif- Noun

1. Something (such as an important idea or subject) that is repeated throughout a book, story, etc.
 A single or repeated design or pattern

Ex: The house had a green motif to it.

The belief that anyone can do anything is a motif represented in most of this artist's paintings.
#Facile- Adjective

1A. Easily accomplished or attained.
B. Used or comprehended with ease.
C. Readily manifested and often lacking sincerity  or depth
2. Archaic: mild or pleasing in manner or disposition
3A. Fluent, Ready
B. Poised, Assured

Ex: It seems keeping the earth under the daleks' control would be facile if the doctor is not involved.

The boss felt facile to put his idea to work that would please his employees and end the strike.

Boris is incapable of producing facile tears.

The facile music calmed down the angry workers as they listened to it, and soon, they were pleased.

Foolish or Stupid

Ex: The fatuous boy ignored the "No running by the pool" sign.
#callithump- (N)

A noisy or boisterous band or parade.

Boris loves harmonic music and sounds; however, he also enjoys watching a callithump or two for their high spirits and energy, despite there being no harmony or rhythm.

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Plato or Platonism

2 A. Relating to or based on platonic Love
B. Of, Relating to, or being a relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex.

3. Nominal, Theoretical


Boris has a platonic love for his cat.

The young boy wonders if animals were capable of having platonic philosophies.

1. A.To swing back and forth like a pendulum.
B. To Move or travel back and forth from two points.
2. To Vary between opposing beliefs, feeling, or theories.
3. To vary above and below a mean value.

Ex: Bogm0nst3r had oscillated between wanting to be friends with John Doe and wanting to have nothing to do with John Doe.

Boris knew that he had to stop the workers from being able to oscillate from the two towns in order to stop the towns from thriving.

1. Having a neat appearance.
2. Dressed in attractive clothes
3. Attractive and of high quality (of clothing)
4. Alert and lively in movement and manners


Colors looked dapper after having been bathed and groomed.

A person who helps an enemy who has invaded his or her country.



Benedict Arnold is infamous for being a quisling during the American Revolution.

Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.


You may experience serendipity when travelling on a different path you have not yet walked across.

It was by serendipity that the two friends met while adventuring, as they each had their own talents that helped them overthrow the witch.
#Auspicious- (adj.)
1. Showing or suggesting that future success is very likely.
2. Attended by good fortune.

The boy had failed the test, but his auspicious grades said he would pass the class.

The auspicious man greeted his friends to his new home with lots of gold.

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