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"I Need Assistance"

I need some assistance. You see, my mom has taken up looking through my belongings for money, and to counter this, I have decided to ask for help. How you can help? I'm not sure. I need a stuffed animal or a plushie that can hide money without having to cut open the poor thing, but I can't go out and buy it because my mom will get on my case of how I got the money. I can say my friends sent me the money, but then she'll ask how, and I can't tell her paypal either. I suppose I can go walking to the bank and using the atm there, but it's quite a walk, and if I bought the stuffed animal or plushie, I need to have it delivered and made to look like a gift from a friend.

Can anyone help me?

Also, I have no money, and none of the places I applied to are hiring me.

"I'm Dreaming of A dalek Now"

Last night, I had a dream that I was going to be in parade, but not just any parade, a religious parade. The parade was organized by my former pastor, though the thing is/was, I was a dalek. I went around exterminating everything because it was fun. I loved it a lot! I didn't intend to, but I guess I dreamt of being a dalek because I was angry and hateful when I went to bed. The parade turned into a play, though.

"Featured art"
money by naterobinson

Anthro plushies by Yukamina-Plushies

Empty Pockets by Future-Proof

Is-a-rock by BloomPhantom

NOTICE OF EVICTION by ever-so-excited

PROCRASTINATE!! by SierraSparx

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United States
It seems I'm full of drama these days, though I don't mean to be. Also, soap opera!


One of the Targets I applied to sent me an e-mail saying they don't have any available positions to offer me. Yeah, I'm not getting hired there.

#job #company #employment
Rowdy Rod Piper died, a wrestler from the classic #WWE, died from a heart attack.
Why is it called "Mooning" when you show your butt? Shouldn't it be called "butting" instead? The moon in the sky doesn't even LOOK like a butt!

#butt #moon
I wish I had a premium membership.
I really hate it when people talk to me when I'm using the restroom.
I developed a crush on someone again!
I propose a challenge! Whoever can make me laugh will get featured in a journal.
Monday-Tuesday only!

#Jokes #Stories #Poetry #comedy
I feel better now. It was because of someone else that I was feeling down.
I'm pretty bummed out now. So much for getting excited for writing.
I'm still doing the Freddy Story, but I'm also playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I wish we could send letters to everyone, and not just the animals we can become friends with. No hash tags this time.
I was told about a world shop... a shop that sells different goods from around the world. I was told of one that was really close to me, so I called them up and inquired about Jelly Babies. They do not sell them, and neither does the candy shop they mentioned.

#JellyBabies #Candy #UK #Sweets
I got back into Animal Crossing: New Leaf again. I ran out of ideas on making a "How To".

#animalcrossing #NewLeaf
I feel like hosting an Animal Crossing party, where the theme would be after the game, and everyone would get together to show off their fan made products and play the game.
I wish we could send letters to the non residents in #animalcrossing #NewLeaf I want to send Phyllis flowers and furniture.
My dream address is 4200-4833-7815
Status is boring, and would like for more people to dream about my town.

#Animalcrossing #NewLeaf #nintendo #3DS 
I have a journal in real life. I should start writing in it.
I just realized I was wrong. We are no longer in May, but in June.…  Is the link a scam? I hope not. It's supposedly yo a contest to get a free pikachu pikacharzard plushie, but more like a raffle.

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